Marketplace Script

Marketplace script

Marketplace script is a platform to build a marketplace website, design a website for your retail market, buying and selling website, B2B trading website, online services marketplace or online e-commerce marketplace.

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Marketplace script supports an unlimited number of clients. Every one of them can buy and sell websites or products. ellowscripts Marketplace script is a feature-rich platform to make your online presence powerful. It is a completely tested platform, SEO optimized and a bug-free release. Marketplace script is very easy to use. hence you will not require any kind of programming knowledge to use it.

This script provides the platform for selling of products or services. So which in turn is advantageous to a yearning business sector of online vendors/sellers.  who are looking to grow their digital portfolio. Using a marketplace site, you can earn revenue by integrating a commission module. It is designed to charge a fixed commission from the buyer and seller for each deal that takes place. Marketplace script is adaptable, and you can control every segment of it.

ellowscripts ready-made marketplace script solutions are:

TaskRabbit Clone Script - Tasky

Ellowscripts TaskRabbit Clone is an on-demand marketplace script for services where users outsource their small jobs. And it tasks to others in their local arena.TaskRabbit Clone is specially designed for the small freelancer task. Where various freelancer and service providers meet each other for exchanging their work in the form of job and services. It follows the credit system for every task.

Airbnb Clone Script – EllowBnB

Airbnb Clone script is the best web & mobile based property rental script. It has all the features of Airbnb. We think in our customer’s shoe and give them all the needed features to develop their business effectively. So we reach their targeted user easily.

Aliexpress Clone Script - Ellowexpress

AliExpress Clone is a prominent multi-vendor eCommerce script. That lets you get started with your own multi-vendor eCommerce website similar to AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy and many more.

Alibaba Clone Script - Ellowbaba

Alibaba clone is a B2B marketplace script cum platform. So that enables you to start and run your own business-to-business trading website similar to Alibaba.

amazon clone script - ellowzon

Setup your own e-commerce marketplace like Amazon with a Multi-vendor, multi-brand, multi-store approach. Amazon Clone is a remarkable multi-vendor eCommerce script. So startups and entrepreneurs to build their own multi-vendor eCommerce website similar to Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy and many more.

ebay clone script - ellowebay

Multivendor bidding script, auction script – eBay clone. So you can generate more revenue with our eBay clone by advertising banners, membership plans, and commission model. Hence our eBay clone, you can invite your sellers to auction their products on your website. So users can view all the products from a single seller.

Etsy Clone Script - Ellowetsy

Etsy is an e-commerce website which has made its name by allowing people to sell handmade or vintage items. So etsy clone open source script allows you to customize the script as per your needs. But it easy to integrate as you get the full access to the source code.

Themeforest Clone Script - ellowforest

Themeforest is the largest WordPress theme marketplace which currently sells over 6000 themes and HTML templates. Our Digimarket is the best Themeforest clone script to start your own theme marketplace in just a few hours.